La Tutto - Women's wear spring/summer 2015

Good news for every woman in the world, these summer you probably have another main option for fashion product. La tutto came out with high fashion product women’s wear for spring and summer. Now you can shop more and more for summer fashion product by online ( 

Don’t let the heat melt your judgment. and try to regard of the warm temperatures and be casual free of the season. You don’t have to change-up your whole style for the warmer months. here is some summer fashion rules you can break.

 Dress for the office, not the beach

“The Important thing to remember is that you are at work”. It’s not the beach and it’s not the weekend.” try to fight the urge to wear a slip dress with ‘spaghetti straps’ and opt for something with more structure and coverage.


Short can be professional 

Speaking of hemlines, don’t make the mistake of neglecting one of the most versatile wardrobe staples for summer : the short. Paired with a tucked-in silk blouse and cropped blazer, it’s the 2014 version of the power of suit. 


Choose a standout summer dress

this is possibly the most important thing to remember when choosing your work wardrobe. there are two types if your summer will be spent shadowing  a high profile lawyer or working at creative industry. if you are top firm, you are going to need to cover up a bit and stick to a strict dress code. and you might even be required to wear some form of a suit on the daily. on the other hand, if you are working within a creative industry (photography studio, adv agency, or magazine), you will most likely have more freedom and can rock a bold print, pile on the jewellery, or mash up your mix and match separates. things that are never OK : flip flops, super-short shorts, and see-trough anything.


No boots or Booties

Don’t retire your sandals just yet. The scrappy footwear is fine for the workplace, as long as you have good-looking feet. there are some tip  to hide imperfections, choose sandals with thicker straps (for more coverage)  and a back that covers your heels.


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