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10 Rules of style by “Natalia Alaverdian” - Former fashion director and creator of just-landed Label A.W.A.K.E.

"We all to feel special, different, confident and feminine.” says Natalia. cause not everyone will understand what they wear everyday. what kind of clothes suited to the certain conditions. there are some tips from Natalia Aleverdian that could be a reference for fashion addict. 


1. Don’t Follow Suit

‘sometimes no rules are the best rules.” be free and express your self in the best outfit.

2. Follow Your Mood

‘I don’t think i have particular style; it’s about my mood and how i feel about dressing that particular morning or for that particular occasion.” sometimes the best mood booster for our self is how we smart mix and match our outfit and try follow your mood to make best performance.

3. Don’t Shy Away From Colour

Don’t wear too many flower bright pieces, just be smart as you can to 'show off’ the colour. But it would be ok and should not be afraid to experiment with colour - just follow your intuition. 

4. Turn to boyish Flats

it’s possible not to feminine in some occasion, like turn to boyish flats. just simple mix and match white shoes and sneakers, they are very 1980s. 

5. Don’t save Clothes for a Rainy Day

‘When i was a fashion director, i would pack all my current favourite pieces that i wouldn’t wear everyday and wear them out for fashion week occasion. how about just pack easy pieces, like jeans, T-shirst, sneakers and a pair of nice heels. no matter the outfits just try to be confident and be your self.

6. Look to vintage for special pieces

‘ i have a powder-pink silk vintage dress from the 1920s and i always wear my engagement ring, which is an Art Deco piece from the early 1900s.”, she says. never say no to vintage jewellery or nice pearls. she’s love her vintage cartier watch my dad gave her. so, don’t be afraid of being vintage’s style. 

7. Less is More

According to her, sometimes not to put too much make up in daily activities. just try to put some baby oil and that’s it. in the evening, try to add some mascara, blusher and sometimes a dark plum or classic red matt lipstick. 

8. Know what you want

Be a very smart buyer. first, knowing ur self and  knowing how is the true of you. then you know what you are supposed to do and buy some outfit. cause not every update fashion will be fit on you. don’t push to hard to follow the trend, once again be who you are.

9. Find a bag you love 

‘I’ve been wearing a Balenciaga Le Dix Cartable S cross-body bag in black for almost two years now. It is classic yet modern piece that doesn’t go out style.’ she’s said that it’s preppy enough for her and not too showy; it’s modest and yet dressy and it goes with almost everything. the other things are the perfect size - not too  big to lose your phone in and not to small that you can’t fit all the necessary everyday items in. it is favourite’s bag women ever right? 

10. If You Wear Print, Make it Gingham

One of favourite print ever is Gingham, she’s said. her have such a soft spot for it. 



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