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Pop-Up Market and Stores Become More Than Just A Trend !

Continuously creative industry is required to undertake the development of innovation in order to achieve the target. One innovation that made the last two years in the fashion industry is the hype of “Pop up market and Pop up store”. This trend start from the hype of promotion trough social media or Instagram. And the bring to the stage the next level by opening opportunities face to face with prospective customers who have only bought through digital media.

Pop up-up market or store is an opportunity to expand the market a brand and introduce new product in a way that is closer to the buyers who previously had only coma face to face in the virtual world (media digital). We could say the Pop-up market or Pop-up Store can also be used as a “weapon” market test the extent to which the brand can survive in the midst of the fashion industry ranging from “Local brand” to “High Brand”.    

Pop-up shops are being developed in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as locations. They can be found in a traditional brick-and-mortar store — as a store-within-a-store — as a standalone kiosk or even via a motorised vehicle, taking the lead from the food truck craze. Consumers expect that the pop-up shopping experience will be unique — different from the average brick-and-mortar visit. They also look to pop-ups for more specialised shopping. For example, 61% of shoppers list seasonal products as the main reason to shop at a pop-up store, according to a PopUp Republic poll. Pop-up shoppers also are looking for:

  • Unique services/products (39%);
  • Localised assortments (36%);
  • Optimal pricing (34%);
  • Convenience (33%); and
  • A fun experience (30%).

“The great thing about pop-ups that we find all across the board — whether it’s a pop-up store, pop-up restaurant or event — is that they have this ‘fear of missing out’ quality to them,” said Jeremy Baras, the CEO of PopUp Republic. “Customers are attracted to exclusivity. They’re attracted to a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ type of concept.”

Share tips and tactics to help retailers build brand exclusivity and decide if a pop-up store fits into the overall marketing strategy. 

Selecting the right pop-up model;

Planning a standalone pop-up store;

Attracting the right target shoppers to the pop-up experience; and

Measuring the success of a pop-up launch.


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