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Fashion, From Field to Fabric

Ever wondered what it takes to produce your cute dress, edgy pants, and chic bags? Most of us fashionistas may understand how meticulous and tedious fashion business is. Your newest peplum skirt may have taken a long journey from the designer to your closet. It had gone through a long process of designing, choosing the desirable materials, and finally to the production process. We fashionistas may know the intricate process of fashion designing. What we may not know is the fact that fashion goes beyond designing and production.

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When a Logo Makes You A Millionaire

We often heard people telling about how expensive the price of making design is. Either it is for their company logo or for their product. Specifically talking about making a company logo, there are some reasons behind the price that customers might need to know. Philosophy itself comes from Greek word Philosophia means “Love of Wisdom”. It means it is a complex study with full of fundamental problems concerning some matters such as nature of knowledge, reality/existence, values, reason, mind, and languages. As professional graphic designers, learning about the philosophy of the company (client) is a must. So when the client asks them to explain about the logo, they both can meet the best expectation about how people will describe...

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Hello to the fashion 2016 updates !

Hello to the fashion 2016 updates  (related to article HARPER BAZAAR)  There are some review and new trends according to the biggest fashion brand in the world. There are some article said like for the next trends fashion in 2016 is full of colour, other article said 2015 from style bloggers at fashion week shoes trend become ladylike kitten heels no more flat shoes. “BAZAAR” review that candy coloured cover-ups and slick green trench , considering it finding your inners bohemian even as you play the part of a lady.  2016 more brighten and colourful.  Make it pink, please! All of those fans of garconne choice may need to discover their feminine sides. Designers for spring are making thing pink...

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La Tutto - Women's wear spring/summer 2015

Good news for every woman in the world, these summer you probably have another main option for fashion product. La tutto came out with high fashion product women’s wear for spring and summer. Now you can shop more and more for summer fashion product by online (  Don’t let the heat melt your judgment. and try to regard of the warm temperatures and be casual free of the season. You don’t have to change-up your whole style for the warmer months. here is some summer fashion rules you can break.  Dress for the office, not the beach “The Important thing to remember is that you are at work”. It’s not the beach and it’s not the weekend.” try to fight...

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Who we are

According to Melissa Breyer (sustainable fashion), "There are over 7 billion people on this planet. 7 billion! If we are count one number a second without stopping until we reach a billion, we would be counting for 31 years, 259 days, 1 hours, 46 minutes, and 40 seconds. That’s how much a billion is." If everyone in the world has one of pants, a shirt, and a jacket, we can be sure in out there, there are 21 billion of clothing. If we try to count the clothes, a few seconds, it would take 672 years and it is pretty much amount of clothing. more or less assumed everyone has more than three items of clothing. Given the considerable amounts, and clothing...

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