When a Logo Makes You A Millionaire

We often heard people telling about how expensive the price of making design is. Either it is for their company logo or for their product.

Specifically talking about making a company logo, there are some reasons behind the price that customers might need to know.

Philosophy itself comes from Greek word Philosophia means “Love of Wisdom”. It means it is a complex study with full of fundamental problems concerning some matters such as nature of knowledge, reality/existence, values, reason, mind, and languages.

As professional graphic designers, learning about the philosophy of the company (client) is a must. So when the client asks them to explain about the logo, they both can meet the best expectation about how people will describe the company as perfect as they can. It is not just for formality purpose. We want to make customers remember about the brand and its product easily and for long period time. More complete and distinct the explanation and its logo design, it will interest people to give bigger attention and has a longer time to be remembered.

What about La Tutto’s logo design? Does it have distinctive meaning?

La Tutto Logo Philosophy

Orange is a combination of red and yellow where the red means brave and the yellow means kindness. Both of the colors are creating a feeling which makes people fun and comfortable.

Besides that, the black color shows as something that full of mystery, darkness, and gloomy. Easiest example, people who wear black suits in the funeral to perform the sorrow, sadness, and a symbol of condolence. But in the same time, this color also can improve something to be more elegant in most of the occasion. The same feeling when we see a black limousine or a black frame of the wedding photo. It has the same attraction with gold color and if we use it both side by side, it is just going to support the elegance power stronger. Isn’t it amazing?

The last is white. Can you notice it down? Yes, that’s it! It is the small dot in the middle of the black part. The white color is expected to be a hope even though surrounding by sorrowfulness.

La Tutto Logo

Based on the shape generally, the logo portrayed like a person sat down and leaned back at a tree trunk where he can perfectly rest and enjoy the day.

Like our explanation in the previous blog, La Tutto comes from Italian word means “Everything”. For our fashion designer, La Tutto is a home where she can shared creativities, ideas, and explored it without limits. For our employees, La Tutto is a home where they could maximize their skills in any fields and also giving the best serving to our loyal customers. And the last, for our loyal customers. La Tutto is everyone's benchmark style which describes perfectly about how unique and independent their characteristics are.

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